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God removes, but he also replaces

I read a post on Instagram a few weeks ago that said "you're allowed to cut people off without their permission..." I mean, I agree to an extent; however, what about close friends and people who loved you/you loved? I'm sorry, not sorry, but those people deserve some sort of explanation as to why you decided to love them one day and completely remove them from your life the next day. It's not fair. If that person no longer serves a purpose in your life, let them know. I believe that everyone has a season, and it's okay if that season has expired for certain individuals. But deleting a persons number knowing damn well they have no clue that you've cut them off? Childish. I'd expect that from my 9-year-old cousin.

Anyways, I'm going somewhere with this...I promise.

This blog post is for those who might feel like they are losing people who mean the world to them or people who have lost other important things, like a job. I have been in this position several times and it can feel like the whole world is on your shoulders. Losing important things and people can make you feel defeated and doubtful. But one thing I have learned this year is that God removes and replaces. Every person that has walked out of my life has been replaced by people who love, support, and fuel me in ways that I never once thought was possible. Every romantic relationship that I thought was going to work out has taught me what I love about love and what I don't love about love, and I take that with me into relationships moving forward. God removes and replaces. That statement alone is so reassuring!

Two days ago, I went to a mindfulness seminar and the presenter said that "suffering = pain + resistance." When we resist and hold on to things that no longer serves us, we are causing ourselves to suffer. The pain is inevitable; we are always going to feel some sort of pain in our lives. The suffering; however, is optional. There are some people that God is telling us to let go of, respectfully. That job that's no longer helping you grow? God is telling you to let go and trust him. I am not saying to quit your job on the spot! I am saying that by resisting and ignoring signs, you are also ignoring your blessings.

Back to my very first point, it is okay to cut people off! Everyone's cut-off game should be strong. However, communicate to the individuals who were once close to you why you believe that you two should go separate ways. While God removes and replaces for you, he is doing the same for that individual. Holding on to grudges and bad-mouthing people (as my mom would say) is extremely unhealthy and you are interfering with your blessings by doing so.

If you take anything from this post, let it be this, especially: You did not lose anything. Greater is in store for you. A greater person, a greater group of friends, a greater job. Just believe that you are deserving of greater and trust God and the promises that he made long ago. :)

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