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Ten things #hotgirlsummer taught me.

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

24-year-old Houston rapper, Megan thee Stallion, challenged us black and brown girls and women to have a #hotgirlsummer and bring the heat wherever we go. The poet and scholar in me is always compelled to analyze things deeper, and I’d like to think of Megan, in some ways, as a feminist. She used her platform and literally created a community this summer among women of color all across the world... with a hashtag. She placed a lot of confidence in so many women, including myself, by showing us that there is nothing wrong with being openly expressive and carefree. A feminist is more than just someone who fights for equal rights of women. A feminist is also someone who sees the practice of inclusion as absolutely necessary and is committed to empowering women.

With that being said, here are 10 things #hotgirlsummer taught me:

1. Live your best, unapologetic life!

- No one can make you happy but you. The acronym YOLO still stands.

2. Love yourself.

- This world will not always be kind to you. The only kindness that is guaranteed is the one you show yourself everyday. Pull a Mary Jane and hang affirmative quotes all around your place. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Do whatever you need to do to make sure the love is present.

3. Love your body, even when it’s hard to.

- Those Dr. Miami bodies will have us questioning our shape and form real quick, but know that you are beyond beautiful and you better work what God and your mama gave you!

4. A man’s opinion is irrelevant.

- Need I say more? They can keep their toxic masculinity and sexism to themselves. PERIOD.

5. Post what you please and give people the liberty to unfriend/unfollow you.

- Not everyone is going to be happy for you and that's okay. Don't hold on to failing friendships, relationships, etc. You will be fine without them, I promise.

6. Travel! Whether it be with friends or alone.

- My aunt always tells me that the money will and can always come back, but time won’t.

7. Get in the habit of being comfortable with yourself.

- This goes back to the idea of loving yourself wholeheartedly and completely. It might take you a while to be comfortable with yourself, but you will get there.


- And I mean this is the most professional black girl way. Just because you have ratchet days/moments/nights does not mean you are uneducated or undesirable. There has been a stigma attached to this word because it describes all the features and characteristics of a Black woman, but we are here to redefine and embrace the term ratchet. So, go ahead an twerk on the beach while your friends hype you up. You are choosing to be free.

9. Big up yourself and your sisters.

- Don't forget to tell the women in your life that you are proud of them and that they are amazing.

Most of us do this anyways, but just a friendly reminder. :)

10. #hotgirl[insertname]


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Made a log in just to name it hotgirl 😂 love it sis! Keep doin your thing


Beautiful! I stan a hot girl 😍


Yesss #hotgirltabby

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